Door Lock and Camera Options

When the locks on an exterior door need to be changed, there are plenty of options to choose from. Those who are seeking to make the door more secure will want to look into their options carefully, so they don’t end up picking out a lock that can be easily picked or opened by someone seeking to break into the house.

When Should Locks be Changed?

Locks should be changed whenever someone purchases a new home. This ensures there is no one else who has the key or pin to open the lock and get inside the home. Locks can also be changed anytime the homeowner is looking to boost the security of their home or if they are worried about a tenant or someone else using a copy of the key to get inside the home.

Is a Smart Door Lock the Best Option?

Smart door locks have come a long way in the last couple of years and are an excellent option for most homeowners. They can be purchased alone or installed with a monitored security system. Most smart door locks are keyless locks, with some being hands-free for added convenience. Some also have options to allow the homeowner to add temporary pins that can be used by anyone who needs access to the home while the homeowner is away, like a pet sitter.

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Pairing a Smart Door Lock and Camera

Smart door locks can be paired with a camera for added security. If the door is unlocked, the homeowner can check the camera to see who has entered the home. If someone rings the doorbell, the homeowner can check to see who it is and unlock the door if needed, even if they aren’t home at the time. This adds to the convenience, as it’s easy to let a child in when they get home from school or to let in relatives if they get to the house a little earlier than planned.

New locks can boost the security of the home and, if the new lock is a smart lock, can help provide the homeowner with numerous benefits that traditional security locks don’t offer. If you’re planning on purchasing a smart lock, either as part of your security system or just to add more security to your home, consider all of the options and check out the features to buy the right one for your needs.