Additional Lighting Options

Lets look at a few additional lighting options.

There have never before been as many different options for lightbulbs as there are today. Though it’s just something to help light up the house when it’s dark, it is crucial to pick out the right options whenever you need to replace lightbulbs inside the home. Before picking out a lightbulb, look into the brightness and color, the type of light bulb, and whether it’s a smart bulb to find the right one.

We will discuss a few unusual options in this section. The first is a bulb you can control with your smart phone. These are favored by techies and lighting enthusiasts alike. With a few touches of your screen, you can not only light up a room but set the color of the light to anything you want. Think of it as the ability to make the room have any mood lighting for any mood you are in. This is actually a real thing and is getting very popular. Of course it is handy and safes electricity to turn lights on and off as needed from wherever you are.

Pendant lights are also gaining in popularity. These are lights that hang down from the ceiling like a chandelier, but are typically used in kitchens over counters and in studies where there is never enough light where you are trying to read. For a more thorough analysis of these types of pendant lights, look on the home stratosphere site at the pendant light page.

If you are worried about covid or are interested in UV or UVC lighting, there are lots of options and price points for the various lights and air purifiers. UVC lights are dangerous and must be handled carefully. The options range from small handheld surface sanitizers to robots that roam through your home or office and put out strong harmful light that kills viruses. These are expensive and obviously much more useful in office spaces or other places where a lot of people could be congregated. There are lots of places these are sold. A national one that sells air purifiers and LED lighting is this one.

Special bedside lighting is also getting more and more popular. Depending on how often you turn on and off this light, you might want something that works without having to reach up and pull a cord or turn a knob. Some of these lamps can be turned on and off by touching the base. One touch turns it on, another turns it off. This way you can do it wit your eyes closed. The wall mounted lamp is another popular choice because it puts the lamp within easy reaching distance rather than way over on a night stand. There are also reading-style lights that extend out over the head of the bad so the light shines down on you (or your book) rather than from the side. These can also be mounted where the base is easy to reach for turning on and off.