About Us

We are a group of four analysts from differing backgrounds but all related to safety and security. Our paths crossed through sheer coincidence over the last couple decades. We are like-minded in our views on security and have had many entertaining conversations over the years about such things.

Having spent our careers keeping individuals and companies safe from all kinds of nefarious actors, both big and small, we decided to pool that knowledge into a blog that we hope most will find beneficial. Our desire is simply to educate and raise awareness to the dangers that lurk just outside the field of vision of most citizens of the free world. The following is a little more about all of us.


My name is Nigel. I hail from London where I attended The London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary, with hopes of getting into Dentistry. After a couple years, and before really getting into my major, I developed a keen interest in computer networking, hacking, and the like so I transferred to The London Design and Engineering University and switched my major to Computer Science. Upon completion I took a position at BAE Systems as a network engineer, and eventually moved on to lead engineer at Bombardier, all the whilst taking networking classes at Cisco Systems. Eventually my wife and I decided to move state-side when Bombardier offered me a director position in St. Louis. I continued my technical education by enrolling at Ranken Technical, where I also did some teaching on the side. It was here that I met David, Maureen, and Will.

I am Maureen from Phoenix, Arizona. I got married right out of high school and was a stay-at-home mom until the youngest started school, at which time I enrolled at Arizona State University West Campus. I was always fascinated with the burgeoning computer industry and got a BS in Computer Science and took a job at Controlled Thermal Technology as a programmer. The company grew into a second office and I became the defacto network guru. I really enjoyed that so they sent me to Eastern Arizona to complete a 2-year degree in Network Administration. I spent 8 years at CTT before my husband got a nice promotion so we moved to St Louis. I was the senior Network Administrator at CTT but wound up taking a job at Bombardier as a mid-level Systems Administrator. They let me advance my networking skills by letting me enroll at Ranken Tech, which I was elated to do.

My name is Will. I was born and raised outside St. Louis. I attended Washington University, getting an undergrad at the Olin Business School and going to work for O’Reilly Automotive initially as a store manager but would up as the Senior VP of Sales after 6 years at the company. I then took a job at Harris Equipment in North Carolina, and got my MBA at Wake Forest. Loved NC but after ten years moved back to Missouri where I worked as a business consultant for Centene and BJC Health. I also took a teaching position at Ranken Tech. I have always been fascinated with real estate so I acquired a small commercial complex and five or six single family homes which I manage myself in the Kirkwood area.

Hi I am David. Originally from Dayton Ohio, my dad was transferred to Richmond Va when I was very young. I liked Richmond and attended VCU where I got a degree in Information Security Analysis. My first job was at Continental Cablevision (since changed names a number of times) where I worked on their billing system and helped build out the IT infrastructure for the company. I then got an offer to go to work for the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (a reseller of Direct TV in rural America) which I took, necessitating a move to Tysons Corner, Va. I learned a lot about network security there and traveled a lot to their remote offices all over the country, setting up billing systems and all the remote security for each office. I had the occasion a few times to travel to St Louis from the Park Hills office, which was south of there about 80 miles. Some of the Park Hills locals were from St. Louis and they introduced me to the area. I found the outskirts very attractive and eventually took a job with Express Scripts Holding Company as a network specialist. They encourage continued education and encouraged me to enroll at Ranken Tech to advance my skills. It was here that I met Will, Maureen, and Nigel.