Home Safety, Security, and Energy

We are a small group of specialists from the security and energy fields.

We wanted to develop a blog that discusses home safety and security.  There is a lot of information in here. As people whose careers have revolved around security, we thought we had the backgrounds that would allow us to provide a unique perspective on tips and tricks to keep you and your families as secure and comfortable as possible.

This site was developed as a service to help homeowners with certain tasks and techniques, provide an enlightening viewpoint, and generally give back to the societies that provided us with our respective careers.

We will dig into personal protection like home security systems, lighting, and locks, but will also look at home energy improvements like siding, insulation, gutters, and waterproofing.  We hope you find the site instructive and informative.  We will cite reference materials and sites where you can go for more information on some of these topics, and even a few purveyors of some of them.

We should note, however, that we are in no way affiliated with any company we mention in here and are provided no money or assistance from any of them.  We have a couple advertisers with whom we were associated during our careers.  These help us with the small costs involved in hosting and content development.

As a side note to all of this, this short story seems appropriate to share. I have always wanted an outdoor kitchen. A friend had a small one at one point and I always thought it was really cool. Plus we do a fair amount of entertaining and love being outside so this would fit our lifestyles perfectly. However, it was not really in the budget and these can tend to be expensive, particularly if you have a nice one.

I had to come up with an argument to convince my wife that this was a good idea. This was going to be tough.

She is an excellent cook and loves entertaining, so I had that going for me right out of the blocks. But she is very budget conscious and I was afraid that would over ride the advantages she would see in it. So I took the security approach since this is my business. I argued more people being around was beneficial as a crime deterrent, and the kitchen frame would give us perfect camera placement for looking back at the house based on how the kitchen would be positioned in the yard.

I thought this was a pretty ridiculous argument but it was the best I could come up with. After an initial pushback, she began to warm to the idea (I think since it benefited her at least as much as me!). I had found a website with a lot of pictures and we went into the yard and began to imagine how it would look. I had also come up with how we would pay for it and she was OK with all that. Yes!!!

We contacted a company that builds outdoor kitchens and fireplaces and got a quote which we found acceptable so we went with it. We are elated and use it about 7 months per year. Two of our friends also would up having one built and a third had an outdoor fireplace build all from seeing this thing. We love it, though admittedly it has little to do with security.

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